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Get your first professional knives with incredible sharpness and an exclusive design.

Each knife is forged from selected Damascus steel for maximum performance and durability. The custom handles make each knife truly unique.

Designed in Germany. Loved all over the world.

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starter set

These two knives are a must-have for every chef and most likely the only you will ever need. The versatile Utility Knife and particularly sharp Chef Knife are the optimal basic equipment of every kitchen.

Covering 90% of all your cutting needs, the Starter Set is the perfect allrounder.

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Starter Set

Abalone Line

Starter Set

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Why choose calisso?

All of our knives have a particularly flat cutting angle of 8° (other manufacturers use 15°). This leads to exceptional sharpness and enables you to cut wafer-thin slices with ease.

In order to provide the best knives possible, we only use the highest quality material:

Because of the special V-Gold-10 steel core, Calisso knives stay sharp longer than conventional knives. The selected Damascus steel not only looks mesmerizing but also makes the knives more durable, prolonging their life-span.

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